Senior Writing Showcase 2021

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About Senior Writing Showcase 2021

For the last 10+ years, the Senior Lifestyle Expo has reached out to those talented older adults who prefer the backstage instead of the "spotlight". The Senior Writing Showcase always has a question to go along with the theme of the show. Every year, without fail, we receive submissions that take you back in time and tell stories of those around you. When the Expo was forced to go virtual in 2020, our older adults stepped up to the plate and submitted entries through their computers! We have some from this year for you to enjoy as well as years past! While this is only a handful, we hope to continue to add to these as we continue to "Advocate Together While Apart". Do you have a story to tell? A poem to share? Stay tuned for 2022 and the next Senior Writing Showcase question. Clink on the link on the bottom under their name to enjoy the power of the written word!

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