Senior Talent Showcase 2021

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About Senior Talent Showcase 2021

Welcome to the Senior Lifestyle Expo 2021! We are so excited that you came back to check out all the new and exciting things we have in store for you! The Senior Idol competition has been a highlight for many performers and attendees throughout the years. We enjoyed auditions from hundreds of talented older adults for many years and experienced a "second act" from those who gained their ticket to the finals on the second day of the Expo. In 2019 we turned our focus from a competition into a Showcase where older adults sang, danced, played piano and even told jokes for their loyal fans. 2020 took on a whole new meaning when the 25th Annual Senior Lifestyle Expo had to go virtual for the first time ever! We reached out to past performers and asked them if we could share their talents and of course they said YES, the show must go on! Here we are again in 2021....still virtual but always entertaining each other with our older adults and their talents! We are so lucky to be able to share some of those videos with you here. We know that this only represents a handful of those who have performed in the past, but we can only hope to add to this collection as we "Advocate Together While Apart" We hope that you enjoy these videos as much as we have throughout the years. The Senior Talent Showcase will continue you to bring you entertainment each and every year and we hope if you have a talent, that you will submit your video for consideration next year! Videos for the showcase are available all day long! Just click on the link under the performers name and enjoy the show!! Enjoy the Show!

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